The combined efforts of a diverse group of voices, all for the advancement of liberty, through limited government and respect for the freedoms our founders intended.

Tod Tucker is a veteran radio voice in Oklahoma. His bluntly sane voice brings a keen sense of the nonsense in our govt. agencies and lawmaking bodies. Tod brings interviews with individuals who are making a difference in practical ways. His years of experience with media management as a program director and promotions specialist are valuable toward the development of The Bunker

Brooke McGowan has been a veteran media voice in national periodicals as well as Oklahoma TV & Radio markets.  Her no-nonsense defense of values and limited govt. has helped sustain our state through many efforts to undermine our values and our liberties.

Ronda Vuillemont-Smith is a grassroots leader in many dimensions. In founding the Tulsa 912 Project, she called together patriots for the protection of our nation and it's sustaining values. As a party leader, she has made great impact in neighborhoods and national policies. Ronda draws teams together with great effectiveness and respect for the various mandates of the vast number of groups whom she rallies to a common cause.

David Dambroso is a millennial analyst from Tulsa with years of experience as a contributor to radio and print media.  He brings a new generational freshness that dispels the crap of the past which has held back Oklahoma from the greatness which could have been. Be prepared to squirm a little, when he tells us things we refused to acknowledge for decades.

Adam & Frosty lead our production team. They are responsible for much of our success. Frosty and Adam have made miracles out of whatever technology is within their reach. If they can make tin cans and string into an intercom, they can surely turn a laptop and webcam into an effective studio for getting your message out.

The Bunker has room for growth and a desire for diversity of voices. We welcome the input of everyone who shares our fundamental principles.

The Bunker Media Services are a division of Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite.